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Be like Pete the Pigeon

Physical DistancingPhysical Distancing

Pigeons are and always have been intrinsically good at physical distancing – they always keep well away from people. As cities around the globe are in various stages of lockdown there will be a need to still exercise physical distancing for a while longer. And as we know that physical distancing is more of a challenge and necessity in built up areas like cities, the pigeon reference is relatable in many regions. One key audience that needs to understand the meaning of distancing are younger children 10 and under. So, we’ve created a little illustrated character in a series of illustrations and animated clips, that bring to life the lessons children can learn: keep your distance from strangers and staying close to family when outside. Say hello to Pete the Pigeon.We’re encouraging children to be more like Pete the Pigeon and each scene has a rhyming line that children can memorise and repeat to their family and friends. While we’ve created these illustrations in English, they can be easily replicated in other languages. We have created a series of four illustrations but this idea is easily extendable and we can extend the series further. Be like Pete the Pigeon. He’s coo coo cool. And he knows physical distancing like the back of his claw. Note: This is a series of designs. There are four artworks within an illustrator file in this submission and two videos submitted as separate submissions.

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