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Tutto Andrà Bene

Spread KindnessSpread Kindness

This illustration was made to highlight the strong sense of community in Italy, which has been reinforced through facing this crises together. In Naples, the "Panaro", an invention of a basket tired to a string which people dangle out of their window to collect their groceries and avoid going down the stairs, has become indispensable for the most vulnerable people of the community. Neighbours volunteer to pick up groceries for the elderly and leave them in their baskets. It has also become a symbol of charity and generosity, as some families who cannot afford food leave their basket out with a note, and kind strangers fill them with provisions. On the right, we can see a nurse's dress hanging to dry, which I painted in the hope to humanise healthcare workers through showing a nurse in her household. We can also see the presence of her child through the drawing of a rainbow and the phrase "Tutto Andrà Bene" attached to the barrier, which has now become a national symbol for solidarity.

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