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WHO Safety guidelines - French - Mantaray Africa

Physical DistancingPhysical Distancing

Translated & localised the 5 WHO safety tips to ensure the messages will be adopted across Africa. We have 3 visualisations, this is the African illustration used across most of Africa the video include:We have 3 visualisations, this is the Arabic/Muslim illustration used across Northern Africa (Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia & Morocco) the video include:1. Wash your hands with 20 seconds with soap (we wanted to focus on the washing action we all know well with colour as we in Africa are very visually literate and do not associate with clinical illustrations)2. Don’t touch your face (It happens so easily, with the new directive we may want to adjust this to say, don’t touch your face and wear a mask when you leave your home)3. Keep 2 meter distance between you and any person at all times (The WHO does say 1m which is used across Africa so the 2m is very American in Uganda the president decreed 4m)4. Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze5. Stay at home, avoid going out and crowds (we adjusted this as it will form part of social distancing)

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